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Bethell's Beach Cottages
The Cottages of Trude and John are situated on a hill with a speechless view onto the black sand beach Te Henga or also know as Bethell's Beach.  You have access to the beach either by walking on a small private track, or by driving down the hill.  I prefer the walk as you end up onto a sandy road that was used in Xena Warrior Princess episode Ulysses and many other more episodes.   Feel yourself as a hero and take a walk down the track.
As the name it says itself the beach has been named after the family Bethell who came here decenia ago and started their life here. It is a huge property of the Bethell's family.  So Xena Warrior Princess was filmed on their private property.

When you are coming from Auckland City get direction Henderson and then Swanson.   Follow the Swanson drive upto Bethell's Road (yes it all points out to that lovely couple!) which will lead to them.

Enjoy the ride with the strong curves, the up and down going road but most of all enjoy the nature. It is a wonderfull sight that you get presented.  You only can see that beauty of nature at this place in the world.

You will pass two little bridges.   Just behind the second one you immediately will find a little parking place.   Remember this place as it will be your start of the walking track towards Wainamu Lake, in the footsteps of Xena.

Lake Wainamu with the huge and beautiful sand dunes.  Recall Fins Femms and Gemms, To Helicon and Back, The Deliverer, Purity, The Return of Calisto, Chariots of War, Adventure in the Sin Trade, Mortal Beloved and many more.   You easily will find all those place there.

Leaving the parking of Wainamu at your left side continue your drive. A little distance further Bethell's Valley will welcome you with an overwelming view.


Continue towards the parking of the surfclub.
If you are not logged at the Trude's and John's cottages (but I can't imagine that you should that.  If you have not taken a cottage there you must be crazy. Change your reseveration and get it at Trude's)  you can park you car overhere and walk upto the beach.  You instantly will come out at the place where a Destiny scene has been filmed. Futher you will be amazed of all the places you will recognize if you watched the Xena episodes over and over again.

If you have your cottage with Trude and John, keep the parking of the surfclub at your right and get up the road that lead you upto the hill.

Take a deep breath before you get at the top cause you gonna need it.

Arriving at the Bethell's Beach Cottage you will immediately be welcomed by Bethell's heavenly view onto the Bethells Beach/ Te Henga or as I named it Xena Beach.

You will be speechless and your soul, mind and body will be joyfull filled with the beauty of this place.
Huge rocks and mountains raising out of the black sand charming the beach visitors into tiny little points.  The black sand creates the mystic feeling behind in all.   The sea with its white rolling waves, sometimes trembling hard, sometimes calm but still, complete this beautifull picture with force and great presence.  Opposite of the sea you see Bethell's Valley.

The wind will always welcome you and the Sun will play with you.  Giving you every moment another view from the same place.

Words are not enough to express the beauty of this Godblessed place.

It is blessed cause you never will have bad weather overhere.

Love, Happiness and Silliness for ever.  The famous words of Trude but they say it all what you feel when you are there.

Get surprised by the cottages, the party BBQ and the view on the Xena Film Locations from there above.

Take a tour by using the above links and start dreaming away.

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Trude and John Bethell-Pierce
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