Yes, again on a Xena tour but this time we are on the way to Maori Bay. Enjoy once more the beautiful scenery on the way.

Click to enlarge, you know the drill.

dsc03159_small.jpg dsc03160_small.jpg dsc03161_small.jpg dsc03162_small.jpg
dsc03163_small.jpg dsc03164_small.jpg dsc03165_small.jpg dsc03166_small.jpg
dsc03167_small.jpg dsc03168_small.jpg dsc03169_small.jpg dsc03170_small.jpg
dsc03171_small.jpg dsc03174_small.jpg dsc03175_small.jpg dsc03176_small.jpg
dsc03177_small.jpg dsc03178_small.jpg dsc03179_small.jpg dsc03180_small.jpg

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