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When you go up Bethells Beach northly you have to cross a Dune that gives connection to O'Neill Bay.
Walking by and crossing the filming places of  Little Problems, Miss Amphipolis, Return of Calisto, Motherhood, Destiny, To Helicon and Back you get to the connection Dunes.  Be aware of the black sand. Volcanic black sand has metal in it and with the sun it gets very hot.  You can't compare it with hot white sand.  On the white you still can walk.  But on the black sand, believe me you can't.  Yours truly tried it and I never ran that fast up to a dune and down again on the other side.   Thanks the Gods the water was near by.   You can call me HOTFOOT now. 
So when you have taken the connecting track to arrive at O'Neill bay.  A little bay with its own beauty and mystery.   You get to feeling that any moment Odin comes down from heaven.  It is just another treasury place at Auckland's West Coast.  Again Renaissance Picture made wide screen movie shoots her.  Think of it!  We got treated with a weekly wide screen movie on television.   The best talented people ever put together in this everlasting TV show. The show will never be forgotten.  History has been made.
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Return Of The Valkery
At the left you see the place where we find Xena later on, coming out of the water in her white/gold viking outfit as shown below.
Notice the hole in the rock at the right side.   This one you find back behind Xena in the picture below, when she awaits the attack of the Valkery.  It is such a small place at O'Neill bay but it gives such incredible movie feeling.  Once again great filming of the Xena team. Again big movie scene for a TV show.  Have to repeat it that they made history with all this.
Watch the hole in the rock in the back of the scene.
Below Xena, memoryless, walking back from the sea.
At the right sight you can see the rocks which are
situated a bit further then the hole in the rock.
Below you can see more clearly the low formation rocks as shoot in the scene with Xena walking back from the sea.   And on the left side you see the rock that you can find back in the screengrab where Xena talks to Bearwolf. 
Watch the rock between Xena and Bearwolf.
You can find it back in the picture next by.
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