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Hereafter you find information and photo albums of Mission Bay, Taupo, Waitomo Caves.

As Lucy is a dare-all, and so are we, especially me, we couldn't resist to go into her footsteps.

Mission Bay, well known for the home base of Lucy.  A very luxury and nice little place just outside the Auckland City.  Hmmm, we found our home there.  Just need some money savings. It would be a dream come true if we could buy a house there.

Taupo, where the holiday house of Lucy is situated.   Taupo is a real volcanic area as so many in Auckland.  And it is so different from Mission Bay and Auckland. 

Waitomo caves, the ultimate adventures.  I watched the clip with Lucy which she did for a travel series on television.  And one among them were the Waitomo caves with Tum Tum Tubing, Black water rafting and the Abseiling.  Oh boy! She is really a dare- all woman.  That's is a real kiwi.  So I couldn't resist to do the same and get a kick.
And it was kicking.

Go to each page of these 3 items and read the info and see the pictures.

I you ever have the chance to do it - DO IT!   LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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