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NO NO NO, I will not tell you how to get to Lucy's home!  No, out of respect I keep this item closed.  And I think you will understand that we all have to respect her privacy.  Same goes for Taupo where her holiday home is situated.

Mission Bay is a popular place on fine summer weekends, during holidays or just when you are in a need for a relax moment. It is a unique, not-to-be-missed place of Auckland.  This beautiful inner city beach is only 10 minutes drive from the central city.  The great promenade area stretched out from St.Heliers Bay to the Viaduct.
The wide beach provides excellent swimming.  It is also safe for kayaks, wind-surfers and catamarans. The waterfront park is full of all sort of manner of sports paraphernalia whizzing about, from soccer balls to hacky sacks to frizbies.

If your not that sporty and more relaxed mood person you easily can find a shady sport under the trees or by the fountain.   The grassy domain running behind the beach provides an excellent picnic spot. There is complete playground. In summer time the area is abuzz withroller-bladers, cyclists, joggers and walkers.
The restaurant strip offers a wide range of all kinds of meals ranging from fish and chips to sushi to mediterranean styles. Mission Bay is the only beach front dining area in Auckland and is an ideal place to enjoy a coffee, drink or meal. Mission bay has also top class cafes and great pubs so everybody can find where is feels good with.

Whereever you are in Mission Bay you directly will find yourself absorbed by the beautiful views of the harbour and Rangitoto Island.  This last one can't be missed at it lies in front of your view whether you are on the beach or at a restaurant.
Giant Norfolk pines, planted by Bishop Selwyn 150 years ago, provide welcome shade on a hot day.

Some recommendments :
° Nice pictures can be taken at the fountain. You can't miss this one.  And on a warm evening you can enjoy the dancing fountain.
° If you are Belgian you have to go for a drink or a meal at the restaurant/café DE FONTEIN.
It is all real Belgian and you even have dutch/flemish text in the menu book.  Try their NZ mussels.  Yumi Yumi!  Normally I try out all kinds of native things during my holidays but I couldn't resist being on the other side of the world.  I had to visit this restaurant and it is really a MUST.
° Looking to have your hair done by a top-model hair fashionner? Servilles Mission Bay 63 Tamaki Drive- Mission Bay - Auckland (09) 528 1985 - TOP Winner!

SERVILLES is the place to go.  Get yourself a top-fashion hari cut with a perfect service.  You will be very relaxed and the people are soooo nice.  The even can speak french.
Going into the footsteps of Lucy I just had to do it and believe me, your look is totally different and you look VIP!  Next time I go again.

Kelly Tarltons Antarctic Encounter and Underwater world is near by.  In fact when you enter Mission Bay from Tanaki drive you have to pass it.  So my advise, make first your visit at Tarltons and then go on with your Auckland experience towards Mission Bay.

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