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Huka Waterfalls
The Huka Falls are a set of waterfalls on the Waikato River that drains Lake Taupo. A few 100 metres upstream from the Huka Falls, the Waikato River narrows from approx 100 metres across into a hard rock granite canyon which is only 15m across.  At the top of the falls is a set of small waterfalls dropping over about 8-10 metres. The most impressive Hukafalls Jet which brings you  within a few meters of the bottom of the final stage.
See our pictures of the Huka Waterfalls
When you arrive at the Huka Water falls you get overwelmed by the force that you see.  Water that comes from the lake above goes with enormious force down into the narrow pass-through and tumbles down.  It has not been used much in the Xena Warrior Princes show.
Standing at the end of the falls, there where the water tumbles down you get the picture how it was taken to insert into a Xena scene = THE ABYSS.
THE ABYSS, the scene where Xena starts building the dam.  Another scene where the Huka Falls could be inserted is at the Gabby Launche in the Bitter Suite. But I'm not sure of it.
The Huka falls in full nature
The Huka falls inserted in the scene
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