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Take the road to KareKare.  At KareKare you can walk down to the beach on a 200 yard walk. It is similar to Piha Beach but less residentially developed.  The Watchman in the middle of the beach is another reminder of the fromer volcanic activity. But if you are a Xena fan you ofcourse are looking out for the falls.  Leave the parking place at KareKare beach and go right and walk up for about 200m.   On the left side of the road you will notice the beginning of a small track.  Take it and get suprised by the beauty that awaits you at the end.  These falls and the little pool in front of it have been used at the end of THE FURIES just before you get the closing scene with Xena and her mother.   Also used in WARRIOR, PRIESTESS, TRAMP just before you get to see Gabrielle and Priestess Leah walking in the forest. It has been used as a linking shot. Didn't find any scenes with it. The Piramide Rock in the sea at Karekare Beach has been inserted in a background scene which you can see at the beginning of RETURN OF THE VALKERY.
You get more to see of the track and the falls with pool at the video section.
The KareKare falls in full nature.
This picture has been taken at the beginning of the track. A little closed up and you come very close to the episode shot.
The KareKare shot in The Furies.
And this is one of the scenes that comes after the KareKare shoot. The closing conversation scene between Xena and Cyrene.  Gabrielle is gathering firewood.
This picture shows you the pool at the base of the falls. According the local info it is a popular place for picknicks.
Look how the water falls with force.
Dramatic ain't it? Go look at the video section to get suprised and amazed by this beauty of nature.
Here the linking shot in WPT which is bit different from The Furies. And just after that you get the walk of Gabrielle with the Priestess.
Here  some pictures of KareKare 's beach and his famous rocks.
The Piramide rock in the sea has been used and inserted in many backgrounds.
One of them is at the beginning of Return Of The Valkyrie.
And then you have the huge rock on the beach named THE WATCHMAN.
It is very windy and the sea is rough which is great for surfers.
Insert the Piramide Rock of Karekare into the Ulysess track at Bethells Beach and you get the beginning lookout of Return Of The Valkery
The Watchman
Shot from across the road, KareKare track in the back.
This picture shows the track towards KareKare beach, surfclub at your right side
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