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This is a very exciting and never-to-forget experience.  Your guide is nobody else then the private driver of Lucy Lawless, John from Bethell Beach Cottage.  Yes, for 2 years he was the private driver of Lucy Lawless. He has a lot to tell about her and ofcourse nothing else that good things.   I'm jalouse about John.  And ofcourse he is the man at the right place with the correct knowlegde for a perfect Xena Tour.
What is that Xena Tour?  Well, John will drive you around on the private properties where those exclusive film shootings took place.  In fact you can visit those exclusive film locations with him.
As we explored a lot by ourselves we still where amazed what John could show us extra.  And ofcourse with the perfect information that goes along.   If you are adventurious as we were you can stand up into the 4x4 Jeep.   I did and I got some real cool filming shoots.  For that take the link above to the video site.
Johan took us onto another side of their family property so we could enjoy the marvelous panorama's of the Bethells Valley swamp and the incredible Lake Wainamu.    We even could see the connection that the sand dunes do make between Lake Wainamu and the Tasmanian Sea.  You  can see the full connection at the beginning of the episode Calisto. We had to take the shoot in 2 times. Further on the tour you get to sea a speechless view over the West Coast South and North.
South you have a beautiful look-out over Bethells Beach and North you have a knock-out view over Muriwai Beach whereafter Wood Forest is situated.   You can see the place where the Gablaunch of The Bitter Suite took place and where the Gods stood in Looking Death in the Eye.
Another suprise you get treated by John is the Amazone village.  There are still some things left of what was once an Amazone Village.
What me personnaly excited the most was the moment that John took us through Wainamu stream. So we went the same direction as when Xena did her horse riding in Return of Calisto and Eternal Bonds.   Then full speed through the bushes at Wainamu Stream and full speed up the sand Dunes.  There we went directly into the opposite directions of Adventures in the Sin Trade, where Xena and The Amazones came out of the forest and ran upto the sand dunes to fight the Besurker.
We drove by Joxer's Hump and went into the forest.  The place in the forest is for me best known as the battle place of To Helicon and Back where Xena fights Artemis' son.  John could tell us that this spot has been used many many times.  And indeed, cause afterwards by rewatching the episodes and taking notice of the forest filming place we were amazed how many times this place has been used.  Again a perfect filming.  Okay let's go below for some more info with pictures.  Don't forget to look at the video for the filming during the Xena tour.   TIP OF THE DAY :  FOR XENA FANS A MUST TO DO. GET THRILLED AND DO THE XENA TOUR.
A 2 piece picture to show the distance between Wainamu Lake and the Tasmanian Sea
A look-our over the Wainamu Dunes to Wainamu Lake.
The South view towards Bethells Beach over O'Neill Bay
A look on top of O'Neill Bay
Some nice view towards Muriwai Beach
 with Woodhill Forest behind it.
That will be explored by us in 2009
Here you have 2 views almost the same place but near by the locations where the Gab launch in The Bitter Suite was filmed.  You can notice the little rock in the scene.  That one can be found in the backscene of the Gab launch.   So the filming took a bit further then we are standing here.
Hope to give you in 2009 some closer pictures.
The Swamp in Bethells Valley. Waitekere River swamp.
Wanna see more? - A lot more on our DVD - for copies mail me through the contact button.
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