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You gonna be jalouse but we found a Xena shop.   The guy own an antique shop but has a separate room with original Xena props.  He bought about 7 trucks with Xena props. From swords, shield to outfits, scripts, drawning.   Also the Gods trones are in his possession.   He has it all!. We only could go for the little props as it is impossible to put a God's trone into your suite cases.  All props came directly from Renaissance pictures.  And regulary he sells out his props.   We couldn't resist.  A Sword and an axe were our items.  And they proudly hang together with the Chakram next to large Xena poster on our wall.

Most impressing item was the head of Ares - Kevin Smith - in a sculptured artistic work.

You find some pictures on this page but you find more on the album.
ARES sculpture
Wanna see more? - A lot more on our DVD - for copies mail me through the contact button.
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